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We keep hearing that dating apps are killing love, ruining relationships, and bringing about the dating apocalypse.That would be pretty concerning, since 15 percent of adults, and nearly 30 percent of 18- to 24-year-olds, use some form of mobile or online dating platform.He talks to you from the crack of dawn to nightfall and never runs out of words to say.You can feel his presence with you from the moment you open your eyes until you fall asleep with a smile on your face, knowing he will still be there when you wake up.There are a couple of studies that suggest having too many options can make it harder to decide, and to be satisfied with the result.But people have been using technology to increase their dating prospects throughout human history — with lonely hearts ads, newspapers, snail mail, email — even video dating (in the 1980s, of course).

At least that’s the logic powering the new dating app, Hater.

Founded by Brendan Alper, Hater adds a splash of cynicism to dating.

Instead of focusing only on what you like, it also wants to know what you despise.

We’ve seen this kind of mistrust before about technology taking the place of family members or community — and it turns out that couples who meet online seem to do just fine.

One of the things that has people so concerned is the glut of choices that dating apps serve up.

As the internet started being more widely used in the 1990s, the percentage of couples in same-sex relationships who met online began climbing.

In 2012, nearly 70 percent of same-sex couples surveyed had met online, according to a study published by sociologists at Stanford University.

Once you've registered with Elite Singles and taken our extensive personality test, you will start to receive tailored matches based on your personality and partner requirements. Once you've been matched with someone who piques your interest, you can choose one of five communication methods to get the conversation flowing.

And if the sparks are flying, you will naturally want to meet in person. As Melbournians know, this is a city spoiled for choice.

Someone whose affection towards you never wavers whether things are going smoothly or when he’s facing a crisis. There are no obstacles too big to be conquered, no wrong timing that needs to be right, and no unwavering of heart that deters both of you from getting together. There are no girls he wants to impress or at the sideline waiting to take your place.

There is no malice in his words when he talks to you, no sarcasm in his remarks, and no intention to hurt you. He kisses your tears away tenderly and encourages you to pick yourself up and try again.

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