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We bring short people (under 5ft 8in tall) together online, whether you are a short man seeking a woman or a short woman looking for a gentleman.

Shorter Singles is a fun, friendly and refreshingly original alternative niche dating site. First of all, it's probably a good idea on your short men dating or short women dating profile to mention is height - it's best to be straight up about it to save awkward situations later.

At 4’3, David Funes is what you would call a “little person.” He is also gay.

In a fascinating new interview, he tells Gawker that helives in New York and works as a nightlife personality and go-go dancer.

Ladies, you may like to wear heels because you're short, but be considerate to your date if they are shorter than you.

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It’s also a good opportunity to express yourself and flex your creative flair.

However, picking the right words or taking that perfect photo We validate every profile to ensure that we introduce you to interesting, like-minded American singles.

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“There were moments that I stared in the mirror hoping that one day I would change,” he explains.

“It really depends on the mood I was feeling that day.

With singles right across the US, Elite Singles is an international dating platform, operating with partners in over 25 countries worldwide and helping 2500 singles find love each month through our online dating sites.

Elite Singles offers an intelligent online dating approach.

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