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Hanif is writing these days about Bhutto, who is a divisive figure in Pakistan’s modern history and therefore exactly the sort of character that he is drawn to.“For a lot of people, Bhutto symbolized some kind of future that was going to be semi-normal, semi-peaceful, where people could get on with their lives without things always going ” Hanif said.

As he tried to pick himself back up, fellow ambulance drivers from the Edhi Foundation gathered around him; it looked as if Safdar was bleeding. “Human flesh got stuck to me,” he recalls now, as we sit in the ambulance control centre in downtown Karachi.

Mansoor Raza (The article was written in two stages in 2008-2009) “I started learning classical dance at the age of 8.

I do not belong to the community of female sex workers (FSW).

The signs are ominous: Sindh, which till very recently has been euphoric over the census, now fears that it may not be able to count all its citizens in time.

The chief minister was recently informed that more than 30 percent of the province’s population is without computerised national identity cards (CNICs).

For scholars, planners and decision-makers of the country, the population census holds the key to explaining what has changed in the country since 1998 — when the census was held last — and how much has changed.

Instead of relying on estimates and guesstimates, the results of the census will show urbanisation trends, inter-provincial and intra-provincial migration, the gender configuration, the (un)employed population and educational attainment.

“My friends were checking me for injuries, but it was pieces of other people.

I was trembling hard and I couldn’t hear my own voice when I spoke. I could only hear whistles.” It was 5 February 2010 and Safdar had already dealt with the fallout of one explosion that day: an hour before, a motorbike laden with explosives had slammed into a bus carrying Shia Muslims to a religious procession.

ہم ہر ایرے گیرے کے ساتہ نہیں جاتے”, said 37 years old Farzana[1], sitting in-front of me in an NGO right opposite to the building called Bulbul Hazar Dastaan, a derelict outbuilding near city court; right in the center of the city.

A couple of days ago I was roaming near Jehangir Park to find out the scale of prevalence of male sex workers there and got a clue about the old Napier road.

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