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Over the past three years the event has brought in nearly ,000.A doctor who happened to be on board the flight - which took off from Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport at 11.50pm on Wednesday - delivered the premature baby at 30,000ft after the crew asked passengers for medical help.“With school fundraisers, you don’t exactly know where all your money is going,” says 13-year-old Hannah.

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Big girls are the way to go and have a hell of alot more body to feel then a skinny girl. The world doesn't understand them, so they live at ' Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children.' Directed by Tim Burton, the film follows a boy as he finds his place and understands his powers.By Joyce Maxwell Special to CNN Interactive NAIROBI, Kenya (CNN) -- I was so struck by a story last September in the local newspaper, Daily Nation, that I clipped it for my files.“We’re entitled to so much here in this country, and simple things in Uganda we take for granted here…so it’s easy to give up your Saturday morning to come and do this.” Sisters Hannah and Cayla Weiler also participated in the run.The picture shows a woman named Veronica and her newborn daughter.Veronica's baby looks calm and alert, loose curls framing her face.To me, it captured the hopelessness of the AIDS tidal wave facing Africa's children.A photograph accompanying the story moved me in particular.It’s not just a run but a fundraiser for One4Another.The organization, created by Glenn Pascoe from Cambridge and Wendy Hayhoe from Kitchener, provides surgeries for children with debilitating conditions or diseases in Uganda.

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