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Their leading man Zane - who also shot his breakout film Dead Calm in Australia - got notoriously method for the part of Kit Walker and his crime-fighting alter-ego, undergoing an intense workout regime for the role.Elaborate stunts such as flipping a truck over a real-life canyon attached only by wires, and having a stunt person jump from a flying biplane on to a galloping horse all took weeks of meticulous planing and sweaty palms.Nearly 20-years on from the first day of principal photography, the swashbuckling epic has gone on to gather a cult following with the DVD and VHS sales so strong, rumours of a reboot and new television adaptation have been circulating in Hollywood circles almost constantly over the past decade.The feature film adaptation certainly had its troubles, with legendary filmmaker Sergio Leone first interested in the project back in the late Seventies, before directors Joe Dante (Gremlins) and Joel Schumacher (Batman Forever) came and went.

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Above: sponge bathing, playing with fridge, turning into bat without becoming a vampire, loving flour sack baby, kicking trash can, learning from Prof. It allows the player to perform interactions that are normally unavailable through normal means, interactions that are normally hidden under certain conditions (e.g.

Variety praised Wincer for pulling together the difficult elements of stunt work and special effects, adding that The Phantom had a 'pleasingly astute sense of its place in the great scheme of things pulp'.'It's one of those things that has become a cult film, especially here in Australia where we really grew up with the comic,' said Wincer, who has gone on to have a meaty career in both the US and Australia.

Data and credits for this game contributed by Strippin Heat, Spiral Sage, taishici99, Overlord_Baal, Cosmic!

And speaking of hidden stuff, each level is jam packed with secrets, and your basic rule of thumb while playing should be to never trust that any particular wall is solid.

Another important aspect of the game is the addition of power-ups (or “sprites”).

Prior to the update, Sims can only grow as far as the pre-teen life stage.

In The Sims 2, The Sims Stories, and The Sims Free Play, the name of the life stage is called "Teenager" while The Sims 3, The Sims 3 for consoles, and The Sims 4 simply calls them "Teen".

In respect to the Zelda franchise, unused content ranges from enemy prototypes to early landscape blueprints, from entire projects to the original design of certain items. I assume you will want to try it on right away, yes?

While this content is most often removed from the final publication of games, sometimes its influence can still be seen in the title in final builds. I thought you might be eager to see how it looks...

It found a home with one of Australia's most profitable directors, Wincer, who had just come off working with 'close friends' Steven Spielberg and George Lucas and had box-office gold in family classics Free Willy and Operation Dumbo Drop.

The Oscar-winning actress played female pirate leader Sala, who goes head-to-head with Swanson's investigative reporter role - features Wincer feels are some of the best in Jeffrey Boam's (Lethal Weapon, Indianna Jones The Last Crusade) screenplay.

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