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So, with the big promotional push chugging along, the big question is: Is it too late?

On this episode of This Filipino American Life, the TFAL crew talks about their experiences with blogging.

She toured with Boyz II Men in 1995, and for a time dated group member Wanya Morris.

In 1996, Brandy scored her biggest hit yet with "Sittin' up in My Room," a song she recorded for the Waiting to Exhale soundtrack; it hit number two pop and number one R&B.

Whether she was singing pop-friendly urban soul or acting in her own family-oriented sitcom, Brandy's winningly wholesome persona helped catapult her to stardom during her teenage years.

She scored the longest-running number one female duet in chart history (teamed with Monica on "The Boy Is Mine"), a testament to her mainstream appeal, and she spent several years as the title character on Moesha, the top-rated series on the fledgling UPN network during the late '90s.

Blogspot, Xanga, Livejournal and countless other internet sites were the home to our early 00s thoughts and terrible spoken word poetry.

In this new era of blogging, Facebook has become the home of writing down these thoughts.

Additional clippings can be found in the Birth, Marriage, and some other partitions.

This page includes obituaries of people with connection to our three counties but not buried in them or cemetery not identified.

She burst onto the music scene with hits like featuring Wanya Morris from Boyz II Men. Norwood became known for her trademark braided hairstyles, sweet personality, and girl-next-door appeal.

She had just enough urban appeal to appear fresh and cool while being tame enough not alienate parents.

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