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Fans of the Philadelphia Flyers are known to be among the most passionate in the NHL.So passionate in fact, that Flyers fans have become known as borderline volatile when it comes to their dislike of an opposing team in support of their own. These heavily enthusiastic fans come out to support the Wild in huge numbers, on average nearly 19,000 per game night.Mick Cleary The Old Thomond Park, Limerick It was not a place of beauty. Rugby up there is gentrified, as obviously middle-class in its tone as any place in England. These impressive numbers mean the Wild sell more tickets than the Xcel Energy Arena’s capacity on a nightly basis.The beginning of the 2011 NHL season saw the return of elite hockey to the province of Manitoba.

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Usually the “Cameron Crazies” provide the ultimate home-court advantage.

However, on that particular night, a rowdy and supportive crowd wasn’t enough help their squad overcome unusually sloppy play.

In college basketball, home-court advantage is prevalent throughout the country. Using numbers running through the 2015–16 season, here’s a look at 10 of the most difficult places to play college basketball.

The only thing that matters is the hockey atmosphere.

The Bell Centre is the NHL's premier arena and it is perhaps the most electric venue in all of sports.

In certain scenarios, a given arena and the fans that fill it may be so passionate that the emphatic, sometimes raucous noise they create has the ability to directly influence the outcome of a game.

In today’s NHL, many teams are fortunate to play at home in arenas and in front of crowds which bring an unwavering level of passion, as the energy exuded acts similar to an extra teammate, fueling the efforts of the players on the ice.

The game is the thing, and the experience fans get at an NHL arena is 100 times more exciting than watching it on television.

Watching an NHL game live is far different than watching any of the other professional sport in person.

While Philadelphia Flyers were voted the most intimidating team in the NHL, the Pengrowth Saddledome in Calgary is the most intimidating arena.

The Saddledome, built for the 1988 Calgary Winter Olympics, is an impressive site, and its elevation makes it the second highest NHL arena in altitude.

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