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The emotional numbers composed by new-age music composer Armaan Malik, which have already topped the charts, will take back the audience to Dhoni's humble upbringing in a small town and add to one of the many dramatic moments in the biopic.“Every character in the movie has been penned out as narrated by Dhoni.He never spoke about his life because he was too busy playing cricket for the country.There is a romantic angle between him and me, but, the movie is largely about comedy and action,” says Disha.“Kung Fu Yoga is one of those movies which will aesthetically present India's beauty and history.At first, Sakshi could not fully believe that it was Dhoni who was texting her, and after a lot of back and forth messaging and some coaxing from Dhoni, the couple started dating in 2008.[Read More: Ravichandran Ashwin Wedding] saga, notorious for its addictive romantic story line and playing with her dog Joey – another indication of her love for romantic movies and soap operas.She is graduate from the Institute of Hotel Management in Aurangabad.Sources initially reported that Dhoni and Sakshi first got acquainted with each other during their school days from DAV in Ranchi and that over the years, the two got close and were dating for at least two years before their engagement, in July 2010.

The movie reveals a hint of romance between long-haired Dhoni and Priyanka.

We had never committed to each other and never thought of getting married either, so I don’t understand why people would talk about us.

It didn’t work for us, so we moved on,” said the actress.

However, all the link-up stories and rumours haven’t stopped Deepika from a a Dhoni fan. So I am happy that he is the captain, and that he is around, and it’s quite sad that he has retired from Test Cricket.

The Piku actress still admires the talented cricketer who recently retired from test cricket and shocked many.

The duo kept in touch after that first meeting, but it was limited to a few friendly texts and a few conversations on the phone and nothing more.

It was only after Dhoni went to Australia and started texting Sakshi again did something start to develop between the two and it was as if a light had been switched on in their romance.

Sakshi is also no cricket fanatic and showed no interest in attending any of Dhoni’s matches, making their alliance that much sweeter for the romantic observer.

Right before their engagement, the couple holidayed in Mussoorie and Dehradun.

It happened in the 25th over of second innings, when Trent Boult banged a short delivery, wide outside off in the hope to intimidate Dhoni.

But, an airborne Dhoni hit the ball over cover and it went flat and furious.

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