N900 not updating


Flash-forward to today, when phablets like the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 have changed the game forever.

With a large screen in high resolution, a stylus that enables a whole new dimension of usage, faux leather on the back, and metal casing that finally looks premium, the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is worthy of jetsetting CEOs, teenage technophoiles, and everyone in between.

Samsung released two different versions of the phablet; SM-N900 (GSM only), and SM-N9005, an LTE/4G version.

Depending on which device you choose, you’ll have a different set of hardware at your fingertips.

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they've just made obtaining legal copies of reflashable images for you device impossible.

I tried the same process in 2 windows xp and 1 Ubuntu machine . I´m beginnig to think this is not a driver poroblem.

The N900 should enter in "Update Mode" when the "u" is pressed and the usb cable is connected even if the drivers are not loaded, right?

(you MUST flash rootfs as well, when flashing e MMC (because of deletion) It is strongly advised you regularly use the Backup application to create backups of your settings and data to a safe storage.

You will want to configure the Backup application in such a way it stores the backups to your micro SD card - alternatively when creating manual backup of My Docs as suggested below, backups stored to default location "N900" will be included and thus safe.

Yours sincerely AFAIK the only way to get images is illegal since tablet-dev is down.

You can find image on torrent sites or some other sites, the instructions are still valid.

My N900 has PR1.2, I want to update it to PR1.3 because most apps don't install.

And yes, I've read the guide, it doesn't help me at all.

Galaxy Note 3 N900 can now be updated to the latest Android 7.1.1 Nougat, all thanks to Resurrection Remix custom firmware.

This is a fully working Android 7.1.1 Nougat custom firmware for Galaxy Note 3 N900.

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