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Queen of the jungle in ITV's latest series of I'm A Celebrity... , Moffatt will front Streetmate where she actively goes onto the streets seeking out dates for shy singletons.

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"I can't believe Channel 4 have asked me to present this iconic dating show," she said.Will this test how superficial we Brits really are?We reckon it sounds a bit too much like a combo of US show Dating Naked and Keith Chegwin’s unforgettable Naked Jungle, a Channel 5 assault course game show from 2000.stars Bob and Julie Miner, a loveable, down-to-earth couple tending to 200-plus animals at DEW Haven, a roadside zoo outside Mount Vernon, Maine."At this sanctuary, the animals are family," the show's tagline reads.For those interested in appearing on the show, you can click here for NBC’s casting page. And unlike certain other dating reality shows (ahem “Bachelor” Nation), the series promises “no competition, no eliminations.” The hour-long series is slated for eight episodes and will begin filming in Chicago this July. Casting is open to participants ages 18 to 65 who are currently single and U. The inhabitants are allowed to choose one item to take back per day. Watch this space for more details on when these shows are going to take over our TVs, so you can hide behind your sofa accordingly.If you’re vegan and single, and ready to mingle, then NBC’s new dating show might be how you find true love. The reality show is for those who are “genuinely looking for love” and will match singles based on interests and following them on their first date.Naked Attraction is thought to be starting next month and it is a bit like Blind Date – except there are six possible choices of date with those potentials all chilling out in the buff the whole time.Contestants are ruled out on physique as well as scant bits of information presenter Anna Richardson reveals about them throughout.

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