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Ivy4Evr is an SMS drama for teenagers created by Blast Theory, written by Tony White, author of novels including Foxy-T (Faber), and commissioned by Channel 4 Education.

The project was designed by Blast Theory and developed by Tizuni.

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After registering your mobile number and email address on the Ivy4Evr website, participants begin to get SMS messages from Ivy – ranging from quick updates about the minutiae of her life right at that moment, to pleas for help with her dilemmas about friends versus family, college and band commitments.

You can reply to Ivy as often as you like, and the more you do, the more you hear back from her.

Due to the explicit nature of these phone sex numbers you must be at least 21 years or older to call or use this website.

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Ivy4Evr uses SMS to go places that other dramas can’t go – onto your phone and into your pocket.

Ivy wriggles into your life, sending you messages on the way to school, college or last thing at night.

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