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They say that the picture taken from Friday Magazine, so it can be confirmed as a strong rumor (by means, it is true that it is Keito-kun and Kasumi-san), though there is no official statement or confirmation about it from Jhonny's or Keito-kun himself. when the very first I saw this photo, I yelled "this is Keito-kun, with no doubt! " though the size of it photo was really small, my eyes waver and I get really shocked when I zoom it. He did mention Kasumi on his interview, Popolo : September (if I get my memory right). hahaha *high five*Just yesterday, I had a chat with my friend.

I burst in tears, my hand get cold, I can't stop saying "Keito-kun...why? He said that he likes a girl wearing white kimono with pink flower on it, well, Kasumi-san has it. I wonder if Kasumi san is the one who asks Keito-kun to dye his hair black and make Keito-kun become more attractive. Wondering why Keito-kun seems more happy and attractive lately.

He wanted to understand the depths of his eyes, and the sorrow he saw each time Keito pulled away, to return to the safety of Yamada’s arms.

A calm life away from the Underground was what Kento and Fuma hoped would await them.

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Hikaru comes up with a new game for their 10th anniversary, something that they will all be sure to remember for the rest of their lives.

Keito wanted to reach out, to claim those lips for his own, to see if every taste of them would unlock a hint to explain Yuto.

Kokubun married a woman he was dating for 7 years, an employee of TBS.

He was born in Tokyo to Kenichi Okamoto, a former member of the rock band & Johnny's group Otokogumi and model Nishi Katsue. He plays guitar along with Kota Yabu and Hikaru Yaotome in their concerts.

It was meant to be a late-night programme, another episode on a bunch of rumours and nonsense, another weekend spent fishing for ratings from lovers of the supernatural.

What it was not supposed to be was a complicated police case, a string of murders and missing persons and an inexperienced reporter lost in the middle of a forest/scene of the crime with just a Handycam.

The social media accounts of Ohno’s alleged girlfriend, Natsume Suzu, were inspected with great detail by fans of Ohno, the point of even discovering evidence in the reflection in her pet pug’s eye.

Ohno ultimately denied the relationship and stated that he never lived with her, and that he would never be seeing her again.

He was educated at Framlingham College in England before returning to the Tokyo Metropolitan Area, and is the only member of Hey! On October, 2006, he started work with the Johnny & Associates talent agency. In March 2011, Okamoto appeared in the final episode of long-running drama Kinpachi Sensei as a delinquent student.

On September 21, 2007, he began performing as a member of Hey! Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License; additional terms may apply.

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