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Nurses will answer questions and provide information about your medical concerns, such as: Call USFHP Nurse Line at 1-866-444-3008 For Health Information Library you will then need to punch in the Pin number: 382For members preferring to use the Internet to obtain general health information, Nurse Chat provides live access to registered nurses.It is a free service that provides real time access for medical advice. To reach Nurse Chat connect to Live Nurse Chat online dialogue about your concerns or to link to the Health Information Library or other health reasons like Symptom Checker.We have been raving about the phone line since we came home.

Paediatric nurse Paul Stephens, who worked at the James Cook University Hospital in Middlesbrough, posted offensive comments about disabled athletes.In expletive-ridden rants, the nurses and healthcare worker joked on Twitter about patients’ anatomies and toilet habits, and one nurse uploaded an image of herself wearing hospital incontinence pads over her uniform when she was supposed to be working.recommended taking a cocktail of painkillers to overcome the symptoms of a hangover and Miss Dyde boasted about having access to the hospital drugs supply, but added: ‘Harold Shipman ruined it for everyone.’In another tweet Miss Dyde, who admits she ‘should have spent longer “learning” compassion’, complained about patients using the nurse call buzzer, and said: ‘97yo or not, use it again and I will hurt you.’After receiving an explicit image from a stranger on the Snapchat app, where users share pictures which delete themselves within seconds, Miss Luxford-Noyes tweeted: ‘Yeah, because as a Nurse I don’t see enough c***!Thanks to a technologically advanced society and easy access to digital sources of communication, social media is becoming an increasingly effective, wide-ranging tool for nurses.However, with this resource comes great responsibility.If you prefer, you can add your interests, and Omegle will look for someone who's into some of the same things as you instead of someone completely random. Dallas, TX 75226 Phone: 214.820.0695 Med Star Heart Institute – 2013 5565 Sterrett Pl.“For that reason, nurses have to be careful about anything that would violate HIPPA standards.” According to the National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN), confidential information should be shared only with the patient’s informed consent, when legally required, or where failure to disclose the information could result in significant harm.Any breach of trust associated with a nurse-patient relationship has damaging repercussions, and often winds up hurting the overall trustworthiness of the nursing profession as a whole.Inappropriate use of social media often leads to disciplinary action; and in the most serious cases, can negatively affect a nurse’s career and license.Privacy Issues Regarding Nurses Using Social Media “Nursing is a profession that is laden with risks related to disclosure of protected information,” says Jonathan Greene, social media expert and author of .

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