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We have everything here, from humor to angst, K to M, and Axelx Roxas to Larxenex Aerith.

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Not sh┼Źnen-ai Roxas has always been plagued with strange memories.

Shoving them to the back of his mind he can ignore them.

Axel warps to another room in the Castle, finding a lounging Larxene.

Larxene teases Axel's gentle manner with Sora, which Axel brushes aside.

Axel comments how he is interested in the heart of the Keyblade's chosen.

The mysterious man from before soon arrives, revealing himself to be Marluxia.

They work to wreak havoc in the various worlds, unleashing Heartless that Sora has no choice but to defeat in order to restore Kingdom Hearts.However, their scheme is ultimately foiled, as Sora defeats each remaining organization member in turn.358/2 Days is set within the year between the end of Kingdom Hearts and the beginning of Kingdom Hearts II, with an early period of about a month also coinciding with the events of Chain of Memories.The player controls Roxas, Sora's Nobody and the thirteenth Organization member, as he performs his Organization duties, learns about the world around him, and ultimately rebels in order to escape.The long coat, symbolic of Organization XIII, employs joint structures that allow a wide range of movement, enabling many poses from the story of KINGDOM HEARTS II to be reproduced.Two Keyblades, \u0022Oathkeeper\u0022 and \u0022Oblivion,\u0022 are included for dual-wielding poses.Sora refuses Axel's offer of a hint, determined to figure them out himself.Before leaving Axel gives Sora a final piece of advice: when the sleeping memories awaken, Sora may no longer be himself.Axel explains that the most precious of memories lie deep within a person's heart, just out of reach.He continues, claiming Sora can find such sleeping memories.The stark black coat is colored with shadows and highlights to add a dynamic element to his costume.Meticulous attention has been given to the coloring of the hair and eyes, bringing this Roxas even closer to realizing his exact in-game appearance as a 3D figure.

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