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Read More Is someone you know in an unhealthy relationship? It’s important for you to support them no matter what they decide to do, and help them find a way to safety and peace.

Physical, psychological, emotional, financial, and verbal abuse should all be taken very seriously.

On July 10, 1904, The San Francisco Sunday Call publishes an article dedicated to Henry T.

Oxnard, this is what was said by the Interviewer about Mr.

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He controlled with his brothers five sugar factories in the United States. Oxnard's ancestor came to America in 1740 and settled in Boston, having been sent by Lord Montague, the father of Freemasonry in the New World, to further the establishment of that order in its new home as the provincial master of all America. This countryside life gave him a special affection for the out-door life style and the idea to start his first business in raising chickens on an extensive scale.

Since then the Oxnard family has been prominent in New England Americans of the most progressive type. Oxnard came from an old French family of Louisiana, ancestors that where dating back to the Capetian dynasty. Oxnard's father sold his sugar cane plantations and refinery in Louisiana back in 1860, and by doing so was able to escape the dangers of the Civil War by traveling away. In 1889, Oxnard and his associates established a sugar refinery at Grand Island, Nebraska, this is when he created what was to become the famous Oxnard Beet Sugar Company.

The following information explains campus community expectations and seeks to establish a mechanism for determining when those expectations have been violated.

Likewise, the information gives reporting options and on/off-campus resources to support students who have been victims of sexual misconduct.

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