Play count not updating itunes match


It appeared as if Match took a snapshot of my 14,000-song library when I signed up (which it did), but then never updated it afterwards.Following my account's mysterious ultra-fail, it was this old, cloud-based version of my library that was seen to be the most up-to-date, not the version on my computer.I created this script for my own purposes and decided to share it, so I don’t intend to provide much support for it.

And if you have any crummy old MP3s, i Tunes will upgrade them to the versions it sells in the i Tunes Store -- no extra charge, no DRM.

If you're happy to share everything, check the box beside "Share my library on my local network" and leave the other settings on their defaults.

i Tunes only shares your content across your local subnet, so it won't be available beyond your network.

Fortunately, less than an hour earlier I'd made a backup of my library's database. Until I switched Match back on, and the big reset happened again.

So I closed i Tunes, deleted its broken library, and restored from a Time Machine backup. Clearly the i Tunes servers were adamant their version was the master, and my local copy was replaceable.

I happen to have an i Phone and an i Pod Touch sync’d to my i Tunes back in the US, but now I’m in Iraq and don’t have access to my computer with the i Tunes library on it.

I do have the music, but I don’t want to sync my i Pod to my i Tunes because all the play counts and ratings will be gone.

I had a little free time last night so I wrote a script to update these attributes for me!

It is written in JScript/Java Script and uses the i Tunes COM Interface to communicate with your device and the i Tunes Library.

My relationship with i Tunes Match has been a bit of a rollercoaster ride -- at first I was largely gleeful with excitement from the pelvis upwards.

But then the train came off the rails and I was sent hurtling head-first into a pit of broken metadata, lost playlists and the twisted remains of a butchered music library. For 20 quid a year you can create a backup of your i Tunes library in the cloud, including all of its music, playlists and metadata.

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