Prestashop translations not updating


This chapter was written for those who intend to install Presta Shop on their online web server.

If you wish to install Presta Shop on your own computer, you should first follow the instructions on that page: Installing Presta Shop on your computer.

Doing a manual update is a long and detailed process, which should only be used out of necessity – for instance, if you cannot make an automatic update.

View Profile Low-code development platform for building enterprise cloud or on-premises web, mobile and desktop applications with a single language.View Profile When every business requirement is unique and different from one another, there cannot possibly be one software that solves them all.This must be why more than 4 million users around the world have built custom apps for their various needs.A file is often created by the plugin or theme author himself and then delivered along with that plugin or theme so that translators can translate such project using Poedit conveniently.When a translator finishes his job, a and a file will be created and will be eventually used by end-users.After you have downloaded Poedit and installed it, fire the application up and then choose File → New Catalog. ‘Project name and version’ should be your plugin’s name, ‘Charset’ and ‘Source code charset’ should be ‘utf-8’.Switch to ‘Paths’ tab and choose to add a new item, as described in the screenshot below: Type in a dot (.) to tell Poedit to search for PHP files in the same folder as the file.Our official web hosting partner 1&1 offer a 1-click install in order to save you time and get you started even faster.Using these can drastically reduce the installation time for inexperienced users.If you have already read the instructions on that page, skip to the "Creating a database for your shop" section of this current page. Once all the files are on your web server, you should be able to start configuring your shop in no less than 5 minutes in most cases: the installation process is very simple, as the installer takes care of everything for you.Less experienced users might need between 10 and 20 minutes to complete the whole process.

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