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She admits to often faking an orgasm right after he climaxes, just so they can call it a night.

“I hate myself for that and it makes me resent sex and my husband even more,” she confesses. Are time and familiarity the reasons why so many couples are having sex when their hearts aren’t in it?

His grip as he holds my head and kisses me, making my heart feel as if it might pound out of my chest.

His tongue as it explores my breasts, moving in circles around my nipples.

This “let’s get it over with” attitude to sex can be the result of one or a combination of the above factors, say Christina Spaccavento, a sex therapist and relationship counsellor based in Sydney, Australia, and Martha Lee, clinical sexologist from Eros Coaching.

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There’s quickie sex, and then there’s the kind of sex you just want to get over and done with.

The former is usually passionate, exciting and intense, while the latter feels like a joyless chore.

First phase is some of the most erotic missionary position sex ever seen, mainly because she's got a lovely pussy and to see it dicked like that is hot.

In fact my monocle popped out at the sight of it and I came so hard it spattered my cravate! Everybody who says they want to be kissed like that is fucking dumb as shit. My ex kissed like that during sex and it was the most annoying thing--pretty much trying to make out with my cheek. seeing her luscious tits got me started and when his really nice cock was pounding her sweet pussy i got hard as a rock….part is when he is squeezing her fucking hot tits while his cock is up her ass…me cum Wow its been a while since I watched this vid, to busy watching other videos, licking my lips, and getting my pussy all tight and juicy.

Anita*, 34, an industrial designer, shares: “Our lovemaking is predictable and I’m always tired, so I find it hard to be present mentally or emotionally during sex.

All I feel is dread, and all I can think about is what I’m going to do once the sex is over.” Rebecca*, 33, a merchandiser, wonders if it’s boredom and the fact that her hubby has stopped being exciting in bed.

That’s the thing I hated about my job––the fact that I was always on someone else’s schedule.

There wasn’t ever a day where I could be even a few minutes late.

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