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Conflicts usually result when a theme or plugin modifies the page content after Power Press added the player and links to the page.Conflicts also arise when plugins modify the feed content, usually either by adding non-supported markup in the XML or by modifying the values themselves.Once you diagnose the plugin or theme that is causing your issue, let us know and if we can do something about it we will.To diagnose which theme or plugin is causing the conflict, disable plugins one by one while checking the page/feed with the issue.It currently has over 20,000 active installs with a 4.7 out of 5 star rating. Then in your Word Press dashboard click into “Settings” and then into “Featured Images in RSS Feeds.” You can then choose the size of your featured image and the positioning/alignment.

Follow either of the options below to easily add featured images to your RSS Feed in Word Press: We need to add some code to your file, so first go to the appearance editor. Then put the following code at the bottom of your file (If you don’t know what you are doing, make sure to backup your file before editing it) Props to Alex Joy for originally posting this code over on back in 2011.

Since URLs are globally unique by their nature, they make pretty good GUIDs so long as they don’t change. Feedly) use GUIDs to uniquely identify an item against all other items that have appeared in the feed and will appear in the future.

And in this case, since we’re using the post ID in the URL, it’s almost certain not to change. It uses the GUID to determine if it should show an item as new. Other details of the post may change, like the title, content, URL, dates, etc but so long as the GUID stays the same, the feed reader can avoid showing the same item twice.

Although a few years ago we could find quite a few RSS aggregators for Word Press, these projects have all been abandoned for some reason or another along the way.

Some of these plugins aren’t even available for download anymore.

There are thousands of themes and over 27,000 plugins just on Word

There’s bound to be an issue with at least one of them.

It is a concept that goes well beyond Word Press and is used in all kinds of applications.

In the past, I used GUIDs heavily working with ASP. Those GUIDs looked like this: Word Press uses a real, working post URL as the GUID.

You must clear your web browser cache between each change to your site before testing the page or feed.

Depending on your web browser, holding down CTRL F5 may achieve this, otherwise you will need to go into your browsers settings and clear your cache.

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