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En plus de ses activités de chanteur, Nishikido cumule des rôles dans des dramas à succès.En effet, il est un acteur de grand talent et a récemment tourné dans son premier film, Chonmage Purin, sorti en salles en 2010.

Many fans were quick to show support, but many other fans were also against the relationship.

Nishikido Ryo ((born on the 3rd of November, 1984 in Osaka) is a Japanese Singer/Actor and a member of the group Kanjani8 from the agency, Johnny & Associates. - · Kanjani8 Live Tour Juke Box · Jussai · Kanjanism Live Tour 2014 2015 · Kanjani8 Recital Omae no Heart wo Tsukandaru!!

Nishikido auditioned for his agency on September, 1997 and passed with fellow Kanjani8 members Yasuda Shota, Okura Tadayoshi and Maruyama Ryuhei in 2003 He was chosen as a member of News and in the following year Kanjani8 made their CD debut. · 47 · PUZZLE TOUR 2∞9 · COUNTDOWN LIVE 2009-2010 in Kyocera Dome Osaka · KANJANI∞ LIVE TOUR 2010→2011 8UPPERS · KANJANI8 Godai Dome Tour Eight X Eighter Omonnakattara Dome Sumimasen · KANJANI8 LIVE TOUR!!

He also started playing major supporting roles on prime-time television dramas such as 1 Litre of Tears, Attention Please and Last Friends.

He won several acting awards for his portrayal of an abusive boyfriend in Last Friends.

This drama wouldn’t work so well without the one-two sucker punch of a mini-version of the Yui-Ryo characters OTP. She just wants so much dough she can hand select her greasy European hottie, have her own private jet (this very important to Wakaba), and a penthouse apartment in Manhattan. Dart out of the door and start calling every major firm in Tokyo and lining up interviews. In case it’s not obvious, Hinata lurves Emitaro, Shota’s equally doofy son. Wakaba has work to do, so Shota gladly offers to watch Hinata at his place of employment along with other kids. She gives it her all, and there is no possibility or room for failure in her vocabulary.

Get ready to squeal like stuck pigs over Hinata, the five-going-on-twenty-five little girl Wakaba is hired to baby sit as prerequisite to getting her dream law firm job, and Emitaro, the son of Shota (played by Ryo), the dreamboat of little Hinata’s heart. Oops, too bad at the opening gala party for her new job, the firm goes under. She did graduate top of her class and passed her exam with the highest score. Wakaba says “I don’t acknowledge the existence of lemons! Shota is impressed, and I think this is where his heart thumps an extra beat for go-getter Wakaba. And we have achieved kissage at the end of episode 1. Zenkai Girl is just such an easy drama to watch, with bits and pieces of story and characters integrated to create an absorbing storyboard.

His image color in Kanjani Eight is yellow, while his image color in News was blue.

Apart from group concerts and activities, Nishikido held his first solo concert in 2006.

Ryo Nishikido est un chanteur et acteur japonais né à Osaka au Japon où il a grandi.

Il rejoint la célèbre agence formant les idols masculins les plus connus du Japon, la Johnny's Entertainment, le 6 septembre 1997, alors âgé de 12 ans. Aujourd'hui Tegoshi Yuya et Masuda Yakahisa sont dans la même situation, depuis que leur duo Tegomass est officiellement devenu un groupe à part entière.

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