Security group membership not updating

You'll notice that article is from the old days, when Active Directory was just introduced with Windows 2000.Here's the relevant text, from the "Concepts" section of that article: So the first thing that is preventing access to the site is the Domain Access Token - the user must log off and then back onto the domain before new AD Group membership is contained in their Access Token.

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This will work on any system, client or server, regardless the OS version.There is another way to apply GPO linked to a computer account through security groups : playing with Kerberos When a computer starts, it will contact a domain controller and will begin Kerberos communication to get a token.The KDC searches Active Directory for the computer account.Working with a client recently I'd run across something that seemed pretty fundamental and widely-known (or so I thought); however, I've been wrong before and here was another example of exactly that.As you may be aware, Microsoft has long recommended using Active Directory Groups to manage permissions in Share Point.Consider the following scenario: Why does this happen?It's somewhat complicated, but it comes down to Domain Access Tokens and Security Token Caching.A: To understand how Windows learns about your group must understand how Windows constructs your access token from the information it finds in your Kerberos authentication ticket and in the local Windows security database (the SAM).This way your newly configured GPO’s (with security filtering based on a group) will be applied immediately (after running gpupdate).This article provides instructions on configuring the SYNERGIX AD Client Extensions Kerberos Tickets Management feature to refresh Kerberos Tickets soon after the user or computer object security group membership is updated.

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