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They spent many hours as a voyeur on Cam4 and observed how people interacted with performers and playing into the idea of productivity.

Originally conceived as part of a larger series of actions they were planning, Moletress performed a workshop of “Trigger Warnings and Various Attempts” at Highways Performance Space in Santa Monica, CA.

On occasion, boys were grabbed, lifted and dropped onto the floor.“Restraints were pretty much a daily basis,” said Batdorf.

Offenders of the anti-bestiality provision could face up to 90 days in jail and have the animal seized and impounded.COLUMBUS, Ohio -- It's now illegal for people in Ohio to engage in sexual conduct or related acts with animals.The state didn't have anti-bestiality laws until the change took effect last week.Lynne Komar thought her son would get help when he was sent to a drug treatment center outside of Mansfield.“Connor came out worse,” the Parma mother said.She said her son, Connor, 17, received very little counseling for his marijuana use.They have people out there who will just watch cameras all day and delete footage," said Tim Batdorf, a former counselor at Abraxas Ohio.Several former workers contend that physical restraints are “commonplace” and often done in so-called “boom-boom rooms” outside the range of security cameras.Instead, she alleges, the teen was physically abused by staff at Abraxas Ohio, a center owned by the GEO Group, one of the largest private prison companies in the U.S.“Connor got shoved a lot at Abraxas, he got pushed into walls…they restrained him with whatever restraints they had on four different occasions,” she said.“They tackled him, punched him..him stay in his room for three days straight.“To see your son being at a place where he is supposed to get help and here he’s getting abused, it’s heartbreaking.”Former counselors and staff at Abraxas have come forward since WKYC Channel 3 News first reported allegations of misconduct earlier this month.The former employees allege Abraxas does little drug counseling, however, some staff manipulate progress reports and notes to collect millions of dollars in Medicaid payments."I've been saying for years they're not doing treatment.

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