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To pass constitutional muster, these “sweeping restrictions” on First Amendment freedoms must “materially advance an important or substantial government interest.” Put differently, all North Carolina had to do to justify its law was put forth persuasive evidence that barring sex offenders from public facilities protects women and children, as the legislature insisted it would in passing the statute.

It could do so with proof that former sex offenders frequently re-offend, even after prison and parole. “The only ‘evidence’ proffered by the State,” the court explained, “consisted of citations to a list of cases in which sex offenders had re-offended after a prior conviction. None of these cases suggest with any degree of reliability that offenders with only adult victims are more likely to reoffend with minors.” Even worse: The State tries to overcome its lack of data, social science or scientific research, legislative findings, or other empirical evidence with a renewed appeal to anecdotal case law, as well as to “logic and common sense.” But neither anecdote, common sense, nor logic, in a vacuum, is sufficient to carry the State’s burden of proof.

WASHINGTON—The Supreme Court on Friday agreed to consider whether North Carolina can bar individuals on the state’s sex-offender registry from accessing social-media websites such as Facebook.

The law’s sweeping breadth, the 4 Circuit wrote, inhibits offenders’ ability “to go to a wide variety of places associated with First Amendment activity,” including “public streets, parks, and other public facilities.” It thus seriously interferes with offenders’ freedom of expression and association.

(AP) — "A Day Without Women" will mean a day without class for students in one North Carolina school system.

According to a statement, the system began hearing from staffers who said they wouldn't be coming to work on International Women's Day, which is also the day designated for the national protest designed to emphasize the role of women.

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Additionally it rewrote every other provision in Ch. The changes are effective for offenses committed on or after October 1, 2013.

14‑190.18 (promoting prostitution of minor), 14‑190.19 (participating in prostitution of minor), 14‑204.1 (loitering for prostitution), 14‑205 (prosecution of offenses), 14‑207 (degrees of guilt), and 14‑208 (punishment). 14-206 (reputation & prior conviction admissible) was untouched). A person guilty of this offense (1) willfully (2) engages in prostitution.

The system says as the day drew closer, the number of staff saying they'd be absent was "significant," but officials didn't provide a specific figure.

The statement said the move isn't political, but instead involves student safety and the inability to operate with a high number of staff absences.

C., police officer in 2010 found a Facebook post in which the defendant happily...

Circuit held that two key provisions of a repressive sex offender law violate the Constitution.

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