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If the unthinkable happened, and he did become the US commander in chief, you’d have to add the title Groper in Chief, the epithet Nickolas Kristof, a New York Times columnist had for Trump.

Ironically, one of the largest democracies and the self-proclaimed leader of the freeworld is giving a great example of what not to do through its current US presidential election on so many different aspects of political and social life (see excellent piece by Warren Fernandez, “Toxic Trump and trumped up foes”, The Jakarta Post, Oct 15). 7 in the form of a leaked video where Trump made lewd comments about women, bragging that he had assaulted women and that he was entitled to do so.

He often met up after school with Januar, 35, whom he considered a friend.

Donald Trump is precious — can’t get enough of him!

I confess, I have a morbid fascination for the buffoonish, hyper-narcissistic, xenophobic, misogynistic, mentally and emotionally retarded Republican presidential candidate who could have his name included in a sex offender registry.

These emerging middle class young people like to hang around in prestigious shopping malls which are located in several parts of Jakarta like Sogo (Central Jakarta), and Pondok Indah Mall, Sarinah Jaya, Melawai Plaza Mall, and Senaya Plaza (southern Jakarta) and Lippo Plaza (Tangerang).

They also like mejeng (hang around) in Melawai street or Sabang street.

She was forbidden to go outside or talk to anyone, and was often beaten.

Matul eventually escaped by writing to a nanny next door.

THE SETTING: JAKARTA MIDDLE CLASS YOUNG PEOPLE "POPULAR CULTURE" Jakarta's middle class young people of today live in a very different social environment than their parents.

Nowadays young people are freer to express themselves.

KPAI, the country's child protection commission, has registered around 16,000 such cases in the past four years. Most of the violence was carried out by acquaintances, including family members and teachers.

And the increasing audacity of the abusers has been striking.

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