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At that time, Ivo was a university student who was fond of the Jara Cimrman phenomenon.He wanted to create web pages for Jara Cimrman, but was prohibited from doing so by the phenomenon’s authors.The homepage has an overview of the weather, TV program schedules, horoscope information and all sorts of information.Which everything is automatically in Czech, you can still search in English to get English results.The Czech Republic is one of five countries in the world (the other four are Russia, Japan, Korea and China) where Google isn’t the main search engine.

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You can use these to do the following: Internet: this search will give you all results for that word, similarly to, or any other search engine.

We introduced it on all searches from mobile devices in the middle of October and have started to distribute invitations to randomly drawn We want to see the reactions the new design raises among our users.

We have also decided to provide our full text search in Slovakia at the domain

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Thus he made a catalogue of the best Czech web pages to visit (at that time there were only a few).

And so at the very beginning, was just a list of web pages among which one could search, using keywords to find the web page one was seeking.

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