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is an American composer, conductor, and music administrator.

A prolific and eclectic composer, he is best known nationally as the composer of innovative operas, including his a cappella adaptation of Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream (2011).

Thirteen years and 15,000 otaku after it began, it’s back.

Kawaii Kon 2017 happens at the Hawaii Convention Center this weekend, April 7 to 9.

Probably the biggest draw for Kawaii Kon is the cosplay.rom April 7 to 9, Kawaii Kon returns to the Hawai‘i Convention Center for three days of Japanese anime, art and culture.Whether you’re a cosplayer who enjoys getting into costume and character, collecting comics and tabletop games and miniatures, or are just there to hang out and people-watch, there’s something for everyone.He told the Memphis Daily News, "Barbara and I always had a plan that I would be able to stay home and write and she would be the one carrying the economic ball.The time was right and the job came through." Ching's Piano Concerto, commissioned by the San Jose Chamber Orchestra, had its well-received premiere in 1997.His father was an accomplished amateur pianist and a college professor in theater and speech.Ching later recalled, "He played everything from Chopin to Dave Brubeck transcriptions.Nearly all of them are free (once you purchase a ticket to Kawaii Kon) and they’re all held at the Hawai‘i Convention Center.Download the official Kawaii Kon app to see where everything’s happening or check our quick guide below for some of the show’s must-see events: Get into the swing of things at Kawaii Kon with this kickoff event that explains important information through the weekend, entertains with a short musical dance routine, prize giveaways and more.“Even if you aren’t the biggest anime fan, there are video games, tabletop [games] and tons of cosplayers, so it’s just a fun environment.” This year, guests include Kanae Itō, a Japanese voice actress from the film series , will be there.Concerts throughout the weekend will be headlined by DJ Taku Takahashi, Luna Haruna, Joe Inoue, bless4 and Hanafugetsu, a musical group whose members are also part of Waggaki Band, which will be performing at the 2020 Olympics. The movie was just in theaters, so it’s exciting that we are able to play it for Kawaii Kon members for free,” Ahmed says.

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