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Drawn on the principle that a minimum of lines and a maximum of description are the best aid to the imagination, this plan of Southwark indicates the main routes of thoroughfare with a few bold strokes, and then tills in the blanks with queer little drawings of churches and inns, the former depicted in delightfully distorted perspective and the latter by two or three half-circular strokes.

That there may be no confusion between church and inn, the possibility of which is suggested by the fact that several of the latter are adorned with spire-like embellishments, the sixteenth-century cartographer told which were which in so many words.

It was from that direction assault was most likely to come.

However, the town had now lost the use of the great library of the abbey, the access to the several hospitals which the monks had run, the grammar school was closed, and the various charities and good works of the monks were suddenly gone.

Ultimately, the bars we fall in love with are the bars that make us feel welcome: superior bartenders and bouncers be damned.

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Google Map - The selected location in London today, courtesy of Google Maps.

From here further zoom and pan, aerial photography, and street view are available.

It will continue to be updated and additional information is solicited.

All additional information will be confirmed and added as it is received.

high-resolution version of the Dickens' London map , suitable for printing poster-size, available to download. 1879 Dictionary - Description of that location taken from the 1879 Dickens's Dictionary of London by Charles Dickens Jr.

10 megabyte image includes descriptions of Dickensian locations. Additional information available at each location: 1859 Map - The selected location on the 1859 map of London, courtesy of UCLA, and created by Ralph R. compiled for the web by Lee Jackson, who has also compiled The Victorian Dictionary.

• Britain stands defiant against Nazi invasion plans • 56 German planes shot down for 28 lost • Bombs fall on Buckingham Palace and Victoria Station • Interview: Tom Neil, the last surviving fighter ace • James Holland: Time to shatter Battle of Britain myhs • The women who helped win the battle The day of September 15 saw one more significant raid. The shock travelled quickly up the Nazi chain of command. Within days Adolf Hitler had “indefinitely” postponed Operation Sea Lion.

Elite fighter-bombers slipped through the net to hit the Spitfire works at Southampton. The invasion was never a likely threat; now it was just a bad joke.

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