Spiritual compatibility in dating


And she offers five "mini" Bible studies on marriage that help you think through essential issues for yourself.

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There are things we come into a relationship with when we meet someone we like and we have a list of characteristics that we expect them to live up to.

If you’ve dated much, you know it’s not easy finding someone like-minded, well-matched, and in sync with your spiritual beliefs.

Let’s say you’ve started dating someone new, and the two of you are compatible in almost every way. Your career goals complement each other’s, and you laugh at the same things. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer to that question, and there’s no blanket solution for every situation.

Although that isn’t the direct reason it ended, it definitely played a part.

This is not to say that a Catholic and a Protestant (or even a Catholic and a non-Christian) cannot live a happy married life together.

She has given numerous workshops and retreats seeking to help evangelicals know God and themselves more deeply.

Alice served on the campus staff of Inter Varsity Christian Fellowship and is married to Bob Fryling, publisher of Inter Varsity Press.

Whether you are currently in a relationship or hope to be in the future, this is a critical issue to clarify for yourself.

Below is my interview with celebrity personal trainer and Jiva Mutki yogi Jai Sugrim on the topic of spiritual compatibility in relationships.

We need room for a person to not be so perfect; because inevitably in the time we spend together we will not meet each other’s expectations.

If we have a form of spiritual practice, we are much more forgiving. We are very demanding of ourselves and if there can be flexibility and compassion for the times when we don’t perform the way our partners want us to or we don’t fulfill the way they want us to; there can then be ease and understanding.

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