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Doing so isn’t exactly simple however as dating sims can sometimes be statistics hell, but usually the earning of affection or whatever is through conversation trees, gifting, what have you.

is basically that of a bad soap opera; you play as either the boy, Brett, or the girl, Becky, on a trip to a ski resort for an unknown amount of time with a group of friends to find love or get laid.

The game is considered to fail as a dating game, as there is little choice of Love Interests at its conclusion (only one romantic prospect for Becky, three for Brett,) and its lack of narrative flexibility left many people getting bored of reliving the same dialogue over again just to reach a certain outcome.

A great soundtrack featuring cool Aly & AJ songs provides the backdrop for hours of good time game play and rockin fun. It has repetitive music which I block out, graphics are basically just the same.

Colleen Mc Guinnes of TV's North Shore scripted the stimulating storylines and sexy characters for the game.

is a Romance Game Nintendo DS game released in 2004 by Ubisoft.

Luckily for you, you have your best friends there to help you out (if help you out means getting you into even more awkward situations than before), and get you the man or woman of your dreams.

Superstars Aly & AJ make the leap from television and music into video games as they star in their first playable story... Alyson Renae and Amanda Joy are heading out on their World Tour...

Therefore, its somewhat surprising that Ubisoft have chosen to tread this somewhat taboo-ridden ground and give us this title.

The premise is pretty simple; you play as either a girl (bountiful Becky, recently dumped by Sean) or a boy (studly man-beast Brett, trying to come to terms with his feelings for his best friend), and have to guide them through the thrills and spills of life on a ski-resort break.

You flirt, play, scam, and revenge your way through the game. I fell in love with it after playing it for a while.

* See your opponent on the bottom screen and control your reactions using your stylus. You take different paths based on who you make friends with and what positions you land.

* Multiple game paths and one-on-one cat fights make for high replay value. You interact with other characters and you win based on what you say.

You get a description and a task that you should complete.

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