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If this is available for your motherboard, this utility may be the best option to use.

Typically the utility runs some of the BIOS flash process in Windows, then restart your computer and run the remainder of the flash process when the computer starts up, within DOS mode.

Some Dell flash updaters that run in windows will run in DOS also, but may not fit on a DOS floppy image converted to CD.

Flashing the BIOS without a floppy drive can be done with an Ultimate Boot CD (free! BIOS upgrades usually come in the form of an MS-DOS executable meant to be run from a bootable floppy, but modern computers don’t usually have floppy drives anymore, and who has a copy of DOS lying around anyway?

I have no floppy drive available, and looking around the Dell linux firmware tools pages shows that my model (System ID: If it's a DOS based installer, you can use an Boot CD instead - the CD just needs to have DOS booting on it. Otherwise, if it's a Windows based installer, I would suggest creating a Win PE/Bart PE boot CD and installing off a flash drive (Win PE/Bart PE Flash drive should also work).

If you are not using Windows for idealogical reasons, you may want to look at Free Dos rather than Microsoft based solutions (you may want to look at it anyway, of course).

It may be that Dell only maintains this repository for computers on which they support Linux. A: this script updates the BIOS of any DELL computer as long as it's supported by dell Bios Update.

I have the file for installing it with Windows, but I don't have Windows installed on this computer. What can I do to update my BIOS from A07 to A11 now?I have an ABIT kn9 SLI nforce 570, and the bios update guide for them told me to create a bootable floppy, but i don't have a floppy in my pc so how do i do this the bios is Phoenix award bios there guide to update bios is here I have an ABIT kn9 SLI nforce 570, and the bios update guide for them told me to create a bootable floppy, but i don't have a floppy in my pc so how do i do this the bios is Phoenix award bios there guide to update bios is here Here's how to make a USB drive bootable : Download and install this : link (HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool) Extract this to C:\Usb Boot Open HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool Select your usb drive Select FAT32 as File System Select "Create a Dos startup disk" Select "using DOS system file located at:" and specify C:\Usu Boot (make shure you directly extracted the files to this directory or it might not work) Select "Start" Reboot, select USB device in BIOS or use boot menu if available to verify that it can boot correcly Boot back up into Windows and extract the BIOS files to your USB key and follow the instructions as if it were a bootable floppy.NOTE you are about to flash you BIOS, please only do so if it is really necessary, I really don't want you to bad flash your board. you only need like a 30mb one tops for bios flashing, that's what i used before i had an A drive. make sure if it's inside a zip file that you only put the bios file in ONLY.At least, you should be able to find the required/missing information in the Net — this article won't help you with it.So, instead of starting from basics, let's do just the opposite and start with clearing up the most typical myths and confusions. If you want to know the answer – don't be lazy to read this part of the article and the next one! The most popular "universal" flashers are Awd Flash, AMIFlash and Uni Flash; other flashers are mostly special ones for specific brands, like a Flash for ASUS motherboards or special flashers for Intel boards (ATTENTION!I used this method totay to update my BIOS so it should run smootly. i'm not sure if this matters, but also you should use a clear disk/usb drive for bios flashing.(i'm not sure if it recognizes if you have other items on the disk/floppy).If you need to flash your BIOS and your computer does not have a floppy drive, there are a couple options you could try to accomplish this task.Check the motherboard manufacturer website to see if they have a Windows-based BIOS flash utility available for download and use.Not so popular as Awd Flash, but actually the best one (despite even the problems with some versions when being executed without any switches — see the warning above).It should be used with the following switches: Uni Flash is a much more advanced flasher (compared to Awd Flash and AMIFlash) and requires some major knowledge/experience from the user, so it will not be described in this article.

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