Updating catalogs symantec backup exec

What do people mean when they refer to a ‘SKU Catalogue’ for license management?In this article I hope to demonstrate why organizations utilise SKU catalogues, the difference between SKU catalogues and software recognition and the business value to SAM practitioners.All Please help as I am completely out of ideas now.What started as a simple RAM upgrade has turned into a DR nightmare. But I want on the new server al my jobs, policies, selection lists and catalogs.SERVER01 the old backup server SERVER02 the new backup server To download the latest version check your “Your Symantec License Certificate” email you received from Symantec.

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The D Drive (which holds their main file share) was also corrupt.

All started when I was upgrading some client RAM, and accidentally knocked out a power lead to 2 hard drives on their 4 drive Raid 10 array. After much swearing I got it to rebuild and the server booted, all was well barring the slowness due to rebuild.

That night for whatever reason the server rebooted. I managed to cure that by booting to Recovery Console and running a CHKDSK /R.

Each of these Coke variants has a SKU or Stock Keeping Unit assigned to it.

Stock Keeping Units allow the supermarket to manage their inventory and manage millions of different product lines.

In the following article I’ll show you how you can do this.

After some google search I had found all the info I need to do this.

You can delete the files, as long as they are not part of a current job that is running.

These are created while the jobs are running, but should auto-purge.

After much faffing about I have Backup Exec 2010 installed and "working".

They used 2 external backup drives to do FULL nightly backups of everything.

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