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The CCD assists counselors, students and parents in schedule planning, provides course specific information including course level and length, and lists appropriate teacher certification levels for courses.

It allows schools, districts, and the state to identify courses by specific course number, thereby providing analogous information across various levels of administration and consistency in reporting.

Working with individuals and institutions in higher education (HE) to provide students with an excellent learning experience is core to what we do at the HEA.

This is why we manage and lead the development of the UK Professional Standards Framework (UKPSF), a nationally-recognised framework for benchmarking success within HE teaching and learning support.

The Course Code Directory (CCD) is a comprehensive information resource consisting of a narrative section that provides general and in-depth information on applicable laws and State Board of Education rules; explanations of requirements and policies pertaining to multiple topics, and details on the Pre K-12 course numbering system.

» George Mason University » James Madison University » Old Dominion University » Radford University » University of Virginia » Virginia Commonwealth » Virginia Military Institute » Virginia Tech » William & Mary » Longwood University » University of Mary Washington Greetings!VASCUPP members have all received Level II or Level III delegated purchasing authority from the state's central purchasing agency and as such are subject to the following laws, policies, and procedures: The VASCUPP contracts on this site were established with the intent to allow for cooperative procurement.Accordingly, any public body, cooperative purchasing organizations, public or private health or educational institutions or any University related foundation and affiliated corporations may access these contracts if authorized by the Contractor and the purchasing entity is permitted to utilize cooperative contracts (subject to applicable law).The course code numbers are essential in the collection of information for use by decision-makers in the following areas: 1.Program planning and evaluation at the state level; 2.Provision of information to local, state, and federal education and legislative agencies; and 5. Schools, districts, and postsecondary personnel use the CCD when: 1.Scheduling students into any Pre K-12 course, adult general education course, or postsecondary career and technical education course; 2.We will be updating this web page frequently with new information.Registration will be completed through your TEACH account.The framework identifies the diverse range of teaching and support roles and environments.These are reflected and are expressed in the Dimensions of Professional Practice.

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