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Arnold, by Solid Angle, is some 200,000 lines of highly optimized C code, and it is considered a very direct implementation without a lot of hacks or tricks.

Production requirements in terms of rendertime and scene complexity are staggering.

I can only conclude that this has something to do with ASP and OWIN thinking they are in different domains or something like that. Additional strange behaviour identified - Timeout of Owin and ASP session is different.

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IAuthentication Manager authentication Manager = Http Context. Case 2 - Session was used somewhere in application, but not before user tries to authenticate header is first cleared before cookies are serialized to header value.

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I mean this is too much of work to just set a response header on the way out, especially if one is used to Web API's message handler.

I tried to edit Youssef's excellent answer to correct a minor bug and update the example with how the Owin Middleware now works.

Once considered a commodity item in the whole CG / VFX world - rendering is now a hot topic. Especially now in this era, which is really really exciting, there is so much going on and there are so many renderers, so much happening.

CG supervisor Scott Metzger jokes that one can't talk about renderers without annoying someone. To me it is the most exciting part of being in our industry right now." As Dana Batali, Vice President of Render Man products at Pixar commented to fxguide at an earlier Siggraph, "Rendering drives the largest computational budget of getting the pixels to the screen." He pointed out at that time 'sims' (physical sims like cloth etc) were only about 5% of most film's computation budgets.

B) For me, and this may be different for you, I have to turn off i Joomla Ad Agency modules on the home page, as it adds 900 lines of code to the template. My conclusion is that the Customer can be overwhelmed by unruly additions to the template, especially the home page. Hi Michael This is a great tool but I thought I'd make a small contribution based on my own experience as it may be the source of the problem for others.

If I switch my home page to another page on the site that does not have i Joomla Ad Agency modules on it, like my Terms of Service page, the Customizer loads just fine. Set the home page to a simple page (no extra modules) and make sure the default template you are editing it assigned to it. Check to see if the Customizer loads on that simple page. If it doesn't, turn off the third-party modules and plug-ins on your site. I've encountered this problem many times when developing a website and it's always been tied to the url.

I have a strange problem with using Owin cookie authentication. What I am seeing is that my Owin sessions are staying alive longer than my ASP sessions through some mechanism.

When I start my IIS server authentication works perfectly fine on IE/Firefox and Chrome. So when logging in: 1.) I have a cookied based auth session 2.) I set a few session variables My session variables(2) "die" before the owin cookie session variable forces re-login, which causes unexpected behaviour throughout my entire application.

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