Validating large xml files Srx xxx room

In addition, extended tools are available such as OASIS CAM standard specification that provide contextual validation of content and structure that is more flexible than basic schema validations.

xmllint is a command line XML tool that can perform XML validation.

Its not really got an upper limit on the size of the files you can open Terra-byte files open instantly on low spec machines, and its free.

Packaging a third party application along with your program is troublesome.

Plus there is the ability to reload any size file instantly, without having to reparse it, even after editing and saving it, a huge time-saver. AGM, makers of Inter Link, wrote to tell us they used XMLMax with a 270 GB(29 GB compressed) Open Street Map XML file (

A well-formed document follows the basic syntactic rules of XML, which are the same for all XML documents.

Under the hood it uses some kind of DOM parsing technique that causes it to run out of memory after a while.

Since it's vendor based middle-ware, we are not able to correct this ourselves.

Use this chapter to help design and implement effective XML processing in your applications. NET Framework provides a comprehensive set of classes for XML manipulation.

In addition to XML parsing and creation, these classes also support the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) XML standards.

Last week I was asked to write something in Java that is able to split a single 30GB XML file into smaller parts of configurable file size.

The consumer of the file is going to be a middle-ware application that has problems with the large size of the XML.

a red "5" means there are five errors in the document.

I've not tried a 100mb document but I've done over 15mb and it seemed quite happy. in addition to dj_segfault's comment on phihag's answer, xmlstarlet is fortunately NOT dead.

The text-based and verbose nature of XML, and the fact that it includes metadata (element and attribute names), means that it is not a compact data format. The precise performance impact associated with processing XML depends on several factors that include the size of the data, the parsing effort required to process the data, the nature of any transformations that might be required, and the potential impact of validation.

You should analyze the way your application processes XML because this area often accounts for a sizable portion of your application's per-request processing effort.

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