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It is also very similar to the Jewish high-priestly version of the resurrection of Christ as found in Matthew –15—in other words, His disciples stole His body from the tomb.

Cumont’s publication of the Nazareth Inscription led to a snowstorm of scholarly articles; more than twenty were published by the end of 1932.

Leaving Agrippa, she married Polemon, or Ptolemy, king of Cilicia who for her sake embraced Judaism by the rite of circumcision.

She soon left Ptolemy, however, for a future period of intimacy with her brother.

When he died, she was suspected of evil relations with her own brother Agrippa, with whom she always appeared as his consort.

In company with Agrippa, Bernice visited Festus when he became procurator of Judea.

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As Bernice, a wicked woman who lived an incestuous life, listened to Paul’s impassioned appeal as he repeated what God had done for his soul, one wonders what impression it made upon her evil heart.

In her adolescence, King chose to work towards becoming a minister after having a breakdown from watching a documentary about her father.

King was 17 when she was invited to speak at the United Nations.

Name Meaning—Bernice (Greek—Bernicke), or Berenice, is a Macedonian corruption of Pherenice, and means, “victorious,” or “carrying off victory.” Wilkinson informs us that the name occurs in previous history, being given “to the wife of Ptolemy, one of Alexander’s generals, who became King of Egypt, and founder of an illustrious dynasty.” Another compound with nike, implying “victory,” is found in Eunice (Greek—Eunicke) the name of Timothy’s mother. The word is expressive of a good or happy victory, and in its origin doubtless commemorated some such event.

It is noticeable that nike was a favorite termination of females in the Macedonian age, as for example, Thessalonice, the daughter of Philip, King of Macedon, and Stratonice, the name of the wife of Antigonus, one of Alexander’s generals and successors.”Family Connections—Bernice was the eldest daughter of Herod Agrippa I who ruled, 38-45, and is described as the one “who vexed the church” (Acts 12:1).

In 1925 the Froehner Collection was acquired by the Paris National Library, where the Nazareth Inscription was rediscovered and read by M. With the encouragement of Rostovtzeff, Cumont published a Greek transcription and a translation of the Nazareth Inscription with a commentary in his article , CLXII, in 1930.

The Nazareth Inscription took the scholarly world by storm because, as will be seen, it could be read as an imperial decree against the Apostles stealing Christ’s body from His tomb and faking His resurrection.

Josephus says that she was first married to Marcus.

After a while she married her Uncle Herod, king of Chalcis.

The exact time and place of its discovery is not known.

In 1878 it became an addition to the private Froehner Collection of ancient inscriptions and manuscripts, but the details of its acquisition are unknown.

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