Who is joan rivers daughter dating


Sure, performers can make bank if they work hard enough, but owning a studio is practically like printing money.

Which is why Joan Rivers is ecstatic that her daughter Melissa Rivers is dating Steve Hirsch, head honcho of Vivid Entertainment. Joan tells us, not only is Steve crazy about Melissa — “He makes a great living …

“The relationship is going great.” I’m happy for Melissa and Steve, I really am.

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She is the daughter of comedian Joan Rivers and producer Edgar Rosenberg.He is pictured here bathing by a leaking fire hydrant in Brooklyn, New York Mr Greenfield, who lives in San Diego in California, initially planned to go shower-free for 100 days during his bike ride, but once he was done cycling, he extended the time period - first to six months and then a year.'Once the tour was over I decided to keep on going.Rivers first started dancing at the age of 8, taking once-a-week group lessons.She became more serious about the activity at the age of 12, taking regular private lessons.Joan adds, "I'm 78 years old and now I get a discount on lubricant."TMZ broke the story -- Melissa and the Vivid honcho have been dating for a couple weeks now -- and sources tell us ...As everyone knows (okay, not everyone, just humor me here) the best money in porn is found behind the scenes.'She was setting up a family; they were trying to have a baby together.You just wish you could take all the pain and just put it on yourself.As long as they don’t film the wedding and sell the rights to E! Awww man, I be they’d have the best gift bags for all the guests …Admit it, if they gave out free condoms, lube and porn at weddings, they probably wouldn’t suck so bad.

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