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Mao Asada is competing for medals in the 2010 Winter Olympic Games in Olympic Figure Skating.

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"We always kept a very professional life at the rink; a lot of people didn't know we were dating.

We always had a good relationship, but when we went to Hawaii, our relationship took a different level.

"I found a picture of a dress on Pinterest, and I asked the lady who makes my skating dresses if she could reproduce it for me," Duhamel said. Marcotte coached Duhamel and Radford to the world pairs title in March.

She grew up with a younger sister, Mai, who also became a competitive figure skater. These two have had tons of ups and downs (Remember their “Ghost” FD?Nikita will be will be skating with Viktoria Sinitsina while Elena’s future is currently unknown. This will also be good news for Anna Cappellini & Luca Lanotte. I have to say, I’m surprised how much I’m enjoyed Domnina/Shabalin’s CDs."I got two perfect men in my life at the same time," Duhamel said.Marcotte said he knew he wanted to marry Duhamel when the couple was on vacation in Hawaii two years ago. We share a lot of different passions about things in our life," Marcotte said.Meagan Duhamel and Bruno Marcotte were married June 5 at the Reefs resort in Bermuda.The ceremony, in front of a small group of friends and family, took place on the beach.``It wasn't my best out there,'' Czisny said, pointing to problems with her footwork and a near loss of control on her layback spin, ``but I fought for everything, and I am satisfied with the result.'' Kim Yuna of South Korea, who should have been second, got the not-so-secret ``reigning Olympic champion bonus'' to take first with 65.91 points.Miki Ando of Japan, the 2007 world champion, was second at 65.58.Are you going to miss the Finnstep or are you more excited for the Paso Doble next season? Mao Asada (born September 25, 1990) is an athlete from Japan.

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