Who is rachel maddow dating

"We realized that the two of us have the TV Disease," she told .

"Rachel can't have one because she'd watch it all the time!

She is one of the cutest and most talented television hosts and political commentator at the moment and her cute smile can make anyone a fan of hers.

She is very humble and very down to earth when talked to.

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It's a good sign that Rachel wouldn't fit in well on Datalounge. Thankfully, her bright white face stands out like a beacon because, well, she's not big on make-up. I only half heard it yesterday while I was doing other things. I really like the dark pin striped number she wore on election night. I think she's lost more weight recently, I hope she's not getting carried away with it. Why she chose to be with an older woman (who I'm sure dates her by at least 10 years) is interesting. She really could have any woman she wanted though, and even in some eyes (especially based on her High School pix) any man she wanted, if she wanted a man. As Woody Allen says, the heart wants what it wants.

She appears to be a woman with a balanced educated mind. I'm hoping Rachel is a sample of gay people to come in this century. To begin, I'll bet she knows that one question mark per interrogatory sentence is sufficient. With more creative, sensual ability than Maddow — who, for all her brilliance, seems a bit wooden. I don't begrudge people their fun and don't really bother with those threads because they just don't interest me but it's not right in that context either. I do think Susan is cute and stylish (in the second photo). I know too many vain, shallow people who are very lonely. It appears to me that Rachael is much less shallow than those who are complaining about her partner's age or body. If you listen to Maddow talk about Susan, it sounds like they are still madly in love.

" Maddow says that she loves having the Massachusetts refuge from her weekday life in New York.

"Having a place out of the city is a shortcut toward the mental reset I need," she said.

magazine features a two-page article with photos (UPDATE: now online) on Rachel Maddow's home life.

Maddow, who splits her time between New York and Western Massachusetts with partner Susan Mikula, talks to the magazine about her relationship, her cooking skills, and why she and Mikula don't have a TV.

I think the two of them make a very attractive couple. Personally I don't really have an issue with the jackets. I couldn't judge her height because I was watching from above but she had a great presence about her. They broke up because their jobs took them to opposite coasts.

The only one who needs to see the beauty in her mate is Rachel and she obviously does. She's still in the DVD, I'll take a look after I finish watching Lawrence. But a couple days ago I noticed they switched it up and she wore a bright blue collarless jacket and I thought it was good on her and good on the set. The best part was when she asked the audience afterwards if they had any questions or fact-checking for the show they did. The one I met said Rachel was always reading and was faily intense by not unmanageable.

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