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While no actual sex or stripping is shown, one of the new starter queslines has what's clearly a male and female strip teasers: apparently your char is actually dating sharing the flammable bed with) the opposite-gender one.

I'm still trying to decide whether this is "going too far" in the sense of "ohmyg, my char actually got nookie before I made it! Digital Town, Inn Labeled Wo W's Red Light District, Blizzard Attempting Clean-up By Mike Sharkey | Aug 5, 2010 Blizzard customer service team says it will patrol Goldshire, crackdown on naughtiness.

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I dont participate in RP but I enjoy seeing people out in the world and watching the events they put on from time to time.

The closest thing is that some of the dances the characters do with the /dance emote could be called provocative. the female troll dance is inspired by Shakira's dance moves). Even the /kiss emote reads "You blow a kiss to I'd say the image of Zaboo typing on Codex's butt as she shakes it and saying "We've got keyboard chemistry" is a good indicator. When people engage in ERP isn't basically like an IM sex chat... It should be noted that the server in question would have to be a private server, not affiliated with Blizzard.

And there's these: Boot up, embrace the feeling The start button is the portal to your being Turn on, it’s a pleasure device Game with me, the ultimate spice And these: Game On! I wouldn't really count it, because it's the equivalent a fan-made mod for a single-player game that lets you make your character strip naked.

From the boom towns of the Gold Rush to Detroit’s rise and fall alongside the country’s auto industry, the narrative is the same: People are drawn where they think they can make their fortune.

When the money and jobs dry up, some stay out of attachment—they want to see their home rise again. But on the large scale, populations move to wherever the next city of opportunity happens to be.

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Just because a server has a reputation doesn't mean it should be allowed by Blizzard.

I joined it because its a high population RP server with no PVP.

For this edition of the feature—Empty Spaces—we’re examining games’ most fascinating realms of desolation.

America has seen plenty of cities rapidly grow and fade.

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