Xbmc recently added not updating People interested in skype sex

null_pointer , 19 March 2014 - AM I have checked in some changes that should fix the images not updating to the new image when you change them on the server.

Unless you want to grab the latest form the Git repo you will get them in the next release.

If you haven't played the item for about a week, it will no longer show up in Continue Watching, but your progress is still remembered.On Deck updates dynamically as you watch items from your collection.Different apps may visually present these lists differently, but the concept is consistent.Hi, I am running that latest Plex Media Server, and also running the latest Plex Media Center on Windows 7 Ultimate.I have added new movies to my movie folder, in mp4 format and mkv format and I am signed in to Myplex with my account settings. I have signed in and out, refreshed, updated library from plex media server etc. Even better: it does so using a remote-friendly interface, so with a few taps of your remote you can browse your digital collection of music and videos, explore some of the most popular media sites on the web or check out live Internet TV from around the world. XBMC is the ultimate media center software, because it gives you a single interface for accessing all of your media from all of these different places.Changed formats of the movie, done refreshes, tried from two different PC's running windows 7 Ultimate, one 64 bit and one 32 bit and no joy.I have tried signing in and out and refreshing, adding server to myplex account etc. You, the modern media consumer, don’t get your entertainment from just one place: you get it from a variety of different sources.Set up properly, XBMC can do just about anything you’d want your TV to be able to do online – from Hulu to your movie collection, from You Tube to live sports you’ve bought an online subscription for.

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