Xbmc updating to eden


"Make default" option has been removed to reduce menu cluter.

Note: Automatic updates are also available for the beta and release candidate versions.After various beta versions, automatic update to a release candidate would happen and eventually an update to the final stable release.If Manual update option is selected then you will need to download the update to Open ELEC.It could be a problem with using the hubwizard,as far as i know its meant to run on eden and waiting to be upgraded for frodo (someone maybe will confirm this) Also do you have nito tv or plex?As this seems to be causing issues for some people aswell.In my previous post, I showed how to jailbreak your Apple TV 2 (2nd Generation).The primary reason why you would do want to do this is to install Xbox Media Media Center (XBMC). It’s a video player application that was originally created for the Microsoft Xbox.Settings that aren't preserved are those that have been reorganised, renamed, set to a new default - usually it's only a handful, and only things that don't really matter. You simply navigate to the library and "Files" rather than use a toggle.However, it never hurts to do a backup of your userdata folder (where all the settings/library DB files are stored). Whilst Eden does "upgrade" the library, it stores a dharma compatible copy. It is still recommended to always make a backup of your userdata folder before updating, just incase. While in File view you can now use library features, such as summaries, cover art, etc, just navigable as folders and manual organization.Most of the IR drivers are now supported directly by the Linux kernel it self instead of lirc. Unofficial builds containing test-versions of audio engine are sometimes posted on the XBMC forums, but are not officially supported.Back to January 2012, we have seen the first Beta release of XBMC 11.0 Eden the free and open-source multimedia entertaining center.

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